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Headstand (Sirshasana)

Kneel down on mat, put forearms on the mat and grab elbows with hands (the elbows are now two points of the triangle that you will be balancing on), interlock your fingers in front of you to form the triangle you balance on. Put top of head on mat with back of head resting against hands and fingers. Straighten legs, raise hips up (body resembles an inverted V shape) with weight equally distributed between your arms and feet, walk feet closer to head shifting the weight from the feet onto the arms. With care and balance and keeping the back as straight as possible to prevent your neck from arching balance with knees close to chest and feet close to buttocks, with almost all the weight being on the arms and hands. This simple headstand may be expanded to other more advanced headstands as a person becomes more proficient. When done come down and rest in child’s pose which is basically a fetal pose in a seated position.

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